Impeller REC3887761

Impeller REC3887761

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Impeller REC3887761


• Diameter: 65,7 mm
• Width: 80 mm
• Shaft diameter: 25 mm
• Rubbertype: Neoprene
• Blades: 12
• Spline drive

For Volvo Penta models:


D6-280A-E, D6-310A-E, D6-310D-E, D6-330A-E, D6-330D-E, D6-370A-E, D6-370D-E, D6-400A-E,

D6-300A-F, D6-300D-F, D6-300I-F, D6-330A-F, D6-330D-F, D6-330I-F, D6-370A-F, D6-370D-F, D6-370I-F, D6-400A-F, D6-435D-F, D6-435I-F, D6-435I-F D6-435D-E

D6-280A-A, D6-280A-B, D6-280A-C, D6-280A-D, D6-280A-E, D6-280I-A, D6-280I-B, D6-280I-C, D6-280I-D, D6-280I-E, D6-310A-A, D6-310A-B, D6-310A-C, D6-310A-D, D6-310A-E, D6-310D-B, D6-310D-C, D6-310D-D, D6-310D-E, D6-310I-A, D6-310I-B, D6-310I-C, D6-310I-D, D6-310I-E, D6-330A-B, D6-330A-C, D6-330A-D, D6-330A-E, D6-330D-B, D6-330D-C, D6-330D-D, D6-330D-E, D6-330I-B, D6-330I-C, D6-330I-D, D6-330I-E, D6-350A-A, D6-350A-B, D6-370A-B, D6-370A-C, D6-370A-D, D6-370A-E, D6-370D-A, D6-370D-B, D6-370D-C, D6-370D-D, D6-370D-E, D6-370I-A, D6-370I-B, D6-370I-C, D6-370I-D, D6-370I-E, D6-400A-E, D6-435D-A, D6-435D-C, D6-435D-D, D6-435D-E, D6-435I-A, D6-435I-C, D6-435I-D, D6-435I-E

For Yanmar models:


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Partnr. REC3887761
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 This is an aftermarket product
Volvo Penta - Diesel
Modeltype Year
TAMD63L-A 1994
TAMD63L-A 1995
TAMD63L-A 1996
TAMD63L-A 1997
TAMD63L-A 1998
TAMD63L-A 1999
TAMD63L-A 2000
TAMD63L-A 2001
TAMD63L-A 2002
TAMD63L-A 2003
TAMD63L-A 2004
TAMD63L-A 2005
TAMD63P-A 1994
TAMD63P-A 1995
TAMD63P-A 1996
TAMD63P-A 1997
TAMD63P-A 1998
TAMD63P-A 1999
TAMD63P-A 2000
TAMD63P-A 2001
TAMD63P-A 2002
TAMD63P-A 2003
TAMD63P-A 2004
TAMD63P-A 2005
Modeltype Year
6LY2-STE All

This product replaces following manufacturer's part nr

The references that are listed here are trademarks that apply to the respective trademark owners.
The references are used only for a reference purpose. Our product is compatible with these reference numbers.
Please note that our product is an aftermarket product (non-OEM).

  • Volvo Penta: 876771 3887761 21951358
  • Johnson: JOH09-821B
  • Yanmar: 119574-42550 119574-42552
  • CEF: CEF500162G

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